I attended one yesterday: the celebration of the spoken word. I had been to many before, where I felt welcome and where, ultimatley, I grew. Living with my boyfriend now, and going to the same university, I thought he’d enjoy an open-mic as well. He is a soul that appriciates art a lot.

It ended up being a shame. There were great acts, and people who’s minds were finaly able to meet others like them, whether that was being sensitve to emotions or the way the planet is treated. A lot of both students and non-students were there, some peforming for the first time. They bought a whole fresh perspective, really revealing how they think and what they’ve been through.( That was one hell of an enrichment for a mind like mine, which just tends to think all day, but about the wrong things.)

I have seen poets express their dislike for open-mics on the internet before, but to me it seemed like disillusioment or juvenoia. Hypothetcial destruction of poetry through long rap-like performances about issues that are actually trivial. You can say I understand their point now. Where I went yesterday was full of people, but more than half of them were there not to share poetry as much as to cause havoc with their egos. I saw divisions, not overcome by understadning of the human experience shared in poetry, but planted by the art form itself.

Perhaps this is all the refelction of the twisted morality of our world at the moment, that is so stuck in fighting everyone for everything. I wish more people would see it and change. What the media wants to plant withing us, it seems, is division. It is hate and critisim of certain groups of people, according to perhaps their beliefs. I’m not talking about religious discrimination, or any of the things that are inherent to left winged views, but of people’s personal beliefs and even ways of being.

Many people are left out because they feel like what others find widley acceptable, is wrong to them by “gut-feeling” or intuition. They are not just critisised. They are critisised to the point of self-censorship. This is the society we live in. It’s ok to share everything and anything, as long as it fits the guidlines. But isn’t it because of people that didn’t following the guidlines that we achieved so many things as a species? I’m afraid that this mind-invasion (which look scarily like Orwell’s double-think) might grow so much that we will aprroach another “dark-age” in which we will suffer in capitalistic slavery until we kill ourselves, our children, all species, and our planet.



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