The one problem all of us humans have is putting things in categories of either “right” or “wrong.” You can see that on the internet especially, am I right? Go down to the comments section and it’s hell. Somehow it always ends up being an argument on religion or politics.

It finds itself everywhere, even in the most obscure topics. People fight because their way is right and the others have it all wrong. Dare you approach this humanity and suggest a level of ignorance that allows teamwork and-you’ve started anothr argument. Nothing can be distinguished in humanity.

What has this got to do with writing? Other than, don’t shove your pont down people’s throats (like the people at an open mic do, who think it’s some sort of rap battle*), focus on what you know. Focus on feeling the unknown. The grey areas.

Write the things we all experience. Write them with honesty and brutality. Lie if you have to, exaggerate and make your point. How you’ve grown cold for finding and being in love. Write your love and hate for the breeze when oyu get out of the shower, which depends on the type of day it is.

Imagine what the grey areas are. Are they a knife left on the side of the sink ‘in case you want another sandwich?’ Let’s connect through writing, and discover what it means to be human, together. No matter who you are, how and what you write. Let’s just share uncertainty in the short time we can share together in writing.


*RANT.After reading this, I checked for other open mic events of my university, and the fb page of the society which posts them is filled with political agenda. This just proves my sad point… people nowdays have to make everything about themselves and how they are right. I don’t blame them, it’s capitalism constantly telling us that we need to be better and suceed over our fellow human beings in some sort of an unethical race that destroys everything on its path.



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