So, I’ve done Ekphrastic poetry on my course. It’s about getting inspiration from a painting. I had previously thought that writing anything that goes alongside a painting is an easy way out of giving the reader concrete imagery. I tried it nevertheless and was not disappointed. My tutors opened my eyes to how a painting should r
eally be enjoyed. Never before had I stopped to think what a painting sounded like. We were in the dark in the lecture theatre and we’re shown some abstract paintingso first. One reminded my of the night sky, when I was told to “listen” to it it heard a very quiet symphony of cymbals.

I got home inspired and knowing what my assignment will be about be about. There was a Polish painter called Beksinski who painted surrealistic paintings of his nightmares. His paintings always fired my morbid curiosity, they remind of thathe one famous quote “Art should disturb the calm and calm the disturbed.”

Before I knew it I was researching the painter, his world view and how he worked and watched a film about his family life. I concentrated on two paintings, which seemed to be linked by the same monster and a crib. Here is one of the poems I wrote, and the painting it goes with. Let me know if you’d like to see more.


Psalm 51

‘I am a worm and no man’
I am an angel
of bandaged texture
dripping divine liquid

like you Lord, inside me
‘your heart shall live forever’

Trust me.
Have me, I’ll protect you
from the fire crackling.

“The meek shall eat and be satisfied”
I will give myself at the altar.
and chaos started
in a fire of love for you,
gentle baby.
I promise.
I will make our world explode,
it needs saving.


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